Aw, crap

Just when we thought we were out, they keep pulling us back in.

Just when freshman phenom Kellen Moore had given everyone the glimmer of hope that a 4-year starter was a possibility...he went ahead and looked human. In fact, all 4 quarterbacks looked reasonably average last night at the second spring scrimmage. What gives? How are we, dedicated Bronco fans and bloggers supposed to overreact and jump to conclusions when the quarterback race now appears to be back at square one? How are we supposed to face another summer of conjecture because you darn quarterbacks didn't seal the deal in spring ball? HOW, I ask you? HOW?

Ok, that is out of my system.

Kellen Moore took the first set of reps yesterday (read that any way you want) but looked fairly pedestrian as the Bronco defense, with a lot of guys back since the first scrimmage, was pretty dominant. Moore was only 5 of 12 for 52 yards.

After Moore, Michael Coughlin decided to not decide the quarterback race either as he went 4 of 9 for 51 yards. Nick Lomax positively refused to decide the quarterback race as he went a respectable 6 of 8 for 52 yards. And lastly, senior Bush Hamdan did his level best to not decide the quarterback race by having the best outing, going 7 of 12 for 113 yards and leading the only scoring drive of the afternoon.

So for all you quarterback derby watchers at home...here are the current standings according to my scientific formula.

1. Bush Hamdan/Kellen Moore
3. Michael Coughlin
4. Nick Lomax

It should also be noted that a quarterback would probably have to "win" all three spring scrimmages for a starter to be named pre-summer so that is firmly off the table. The race is tight, just like the coaches said...but we all refused to believe.


On the bright side...the defense looked very good yesterday with solid linebacker play and with the D-line getting into the backfield several times. Derrell Acrey seemed to make his presence known when he was on the field and the secondary kept the offense from making any real noise.

Jeron Johnson is a stud. I thought so last year, but he really brings it on every play. Johnson's counterpart, fellow sophomore Jason Robinson also looks to have improved making several hard hits over the middle. While the loss of Marty Tadman will be evident this season...it will be nice to have a couple of head hunters roaming the middle of the field. Click clack (I don't know what that means, but I saw it on an Under Armour commercial, and I think it fits here).

Here are the rest of the so-so Offensive stats on the day:

SCORING: Matt Kaiserman, 5-yard TD run (no kick attempted)

RUSHING: Ian Johnson 3 carries for 18 yards, D.J. Harper 3-16, Matt Kaiserman 5-15, Jeremy Avery 3-10, Doug Martin 5-10, Jarvis Hodge 2-2

PASSING: Bush Hamdan 7-of-12 for 113 yards, Nick Lomax 6-8-52, Mike Coughlin 4-9-51, Kellen Moore 5-12-52

RECEIVING: Julian Hawkins 4 catches for 50 yards, Toshi Franklin 3-63, Austin Pettis 2-46, Doug Martin 2-26, Tanyon Bissell 2-13, Ricky Cookman 2-11, Titus Young 2-8, Tommy Gallarda 1-23, Kyle Efaw 1-11, Jeremy Avery 1-7, D.J. Harper 1-5, Mitch Burroughs 1-5

Well, now that we don't have as much to speculate about next week...there is nothing more to say for now, but see you on Friday at the Blue and Orange game.

Check out Statueleft's pics of the defenseive stars at the scrimmage HERE.

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