Boise State ranked...sorta

Nationalchamps.net has Boise State ranked in their preseason poll at number 25 according to their website and the Statesman. This announcement has brought with it optimism that Collegefootballnews.com may rank Boise State in their top 95. Other notables are Fresno State at #23 (yeah, that'll last) and September 20th foe Oregon at #22. Nationalchamps.net also has Ian Johnson tabbed as a first team All-American and top ten in their Heisman race.


It appears that some Bronco upperclassmen have been having fun at the expense of the freshman. You can read about it HERE, . It seems the team elders had the youngsters donning shirts and ties for a fake photo shoot...and while that is a pretty good zinger, it didn't involve enough cops to even make a blip on Pete Carroll's prank-o-meter. See vid below.

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