Boise State lands Canadian bowling ball

Boise State has done well up north. Mike G. Williams, Josh Bean, Andrew Woodruff, etc. were all Canucks. Well, it looks like Boise State may have landed another solid (and we mean solid) Canadian recruit in DT Mike Atkinson. Atkinson is 6'1" and weighs 330 lbs. (in Canadian lbs., that is) Atkinson will join the team this summer and will no doubt contend for playing time right away. Coach Kwiatkowski likes what he sees:

"What stood out from watching film is how athletic he is for a big guy,"

Ya think?

That run reminded me of Andy Avalos in the 2004 Liberty Bowl.

Read more about Atkinson here.


kevanlee said...

Great find with the video. He's terrifying with the ball!

Drew said...

Terrifying is right. I saw that video and have to admit, wet myself a little bit.

Anonymous said...

I coach basketball at CCH at can tell you, you are getting a stud athlete. Some of his runs were spectacular. On the defensive side he is very disruptive. He can chase down QB's, block kicks etc. He can also come off the edge if they want to play him at DE.

The scary thing is he was the 2nd best player on our team. Tyrone Crawford 6'5" 265 RB/TE/DE was the best.

Tyrone had 8 runs of over 80 yards!

He is going to JUCO and may end up at either Boise or Mich State. But now that his good friend Mike is at BS Tyrone the chances are better that he would follow Mike.

Drew said...

Thanks for the info, coach! I think most Bronco fans were surprised by Mike coming aboard, because we hadn't heard anything of him prior...but we're very excited after seeing these vids and reading more about him. He looks like he could come in and make an instant impact.

Anonymous said...

I can't find anything on this other than the Blog.

He is not listed on the roster and I haven't seen anything on the newspaper website.

I hope he is coming. He looks like a baller.

Anonymous said...

I Attend CCH and let me tell you, Mike is one scary guy when he's holding a football. Like the coach said, Tyrone Crawford was definitely our best player. Hopefully he can get his grades up and follow Mike

Anonymous said...

I also attend cch, the two were evenly matched. Atkinson is a rare commodity though, you don't find much 330 pounders running 4.6 40's and repping 225 over 20 times at 19 years old. Mike will make an instant impact once he is on the field. Tyrone and Mike were equally as good on the field but mike's athleticism as a big man is unmatchable.

Anonymous said...

Tyrone Crawford has the size and ability to work any tackle that comes up against him hes a truck that can bull rush and also use his less talked about speed. As me knowing him as a friend and role model to me I know he will make it to the pros with honors. His stature and athletic abilitys will make it easier for him to succeed. In my eyes hes the next Dwight Freeney lol