Poor "vision"

Over the next few weeks, I'll be discussing ways to improve the overall gameday atmosphere at Bronco Stadium. The Broncos don't lose often on the blue, and that is partially because of the huge homefield advantage gained by playing at Lyle Smith field...but there are certainly things we could all do to make that advantage even greater.

The video screen at Texas' Darrell K. Royal Stadium is known as "Godzillatron". By comparison, Boise State's video screen might well be called "Hapless Tokyo citizen". Bronco Stadium, whose north endzone is adorned with the aptly named "BroncoVision" video board, has had it's share of improvements and upgrades over the years. Yes, even the inclusion of the video board was a big step up from what the stadium used to have...but the time has come to upgrade BroncoVision...and in a big way.

Now, with new turf going in this summer and the pressbox/luxury suites invading the skyline, this offseason may not be the best one for a video board overhaul. But the paltry display that adorns Lyle Smith field right now simply cannot keep pace with the other stadium advancements. South endzone types must have the eyes of a fighter pilot to be able to see BroncoVision...and don't get me started on some of Bronco Stadium's...well...more seasoned fans (bluehairs). I don't want to squint anymore to realize that the refs need to be roundly booed.

We're not asking for a Godzillatron, Athletic Department, we'd settle for Mothra-tron or Megalon-tron. Just please give us something bigger than the CBH touchdown lounge.

Fresno State installed a 24' x 32' screen in '06, and we all know that Boise State's unofficial motto is "if Fresno State can do it, so can we". Dig deep Bronco fans, and let's help give BroncoVision the makeover it deserves.


Mr T said...

If I have to pay a few extra dollars every game, they should be able to afford to upgrade Bronco Vision. I mean, its a joke! It might as well not be there when the sun is up. If it were in the South endzone you might be able to see it on a cloudy day. But, I'm sure that when they do eventually do it, the ticket prices will go up again and the new excuse will be...Bronco Vision upgrade.

Jason Haberman said...

I absolutely agree with the quality of the board. It could be MUCH better.

However, I will say that I like the way they use it. Having visited some of our fellow WAC foes stadiums, most of them royally screw up the seemingly simple task of working a replay board.

Nevada, I'm looking at you...

See my review here: jasonhaberman.com (scroll down about halfway)

Chance said...

From a guy who knows both...Godzillatron is a freaking MONSTER. It's God's HDTV.

And don't undersell yourselves. The gameday experience at Bronco Stadium is AMAZING, TRS-80 monitor or not.