Simply put: we need more cowbell

Over the next few weeks, I'll be discussing ways to improve the overall gameday atmosphere at Bronco Stadium. The Broncos don't lose often on the blue, and that is partially because of the huge homefield advantage gained by playing at Lyle Smith field...but there are certainly things we could all do to make that advantage even greater.

Suggestion 2 — More cowbell

If you sit in the North Endzone, you are probably well acquainted with the cowbell...while those that sit on the lower west side of Bronco Stadium are more familiar with the french horn. Which instrument is scientifically proven to both rock and strike fear into the hearts of men? Why it is the unassuming cowbell.

The history of the cowbell reads like a rich tapestry. It was invented during the bronze age as a way to keep tabs on livestock in the fertile crescent of the African delta. Soon after, villagers discovered it was a useful tool in driving away invading warriors (and Rainbow Warriors to this very day). Then nothing really happened for a few thousand years until Blue Oyster Cult rediscovered this most ancient of noisemakers and suddenly: the cowbell rocked!

By viewing the above video...proper technique for bellin' can be observed. Bronco Stadium, simply put, needs more cowbell. So all of you loyal Bronco fans head on down to D&B Supply and pick up a cowbell and go home and practice. Once you feel you've properly mastered the ancient art of the cowbell—you are ready terrorize Bronco foes and raucously celebrate a Bronco victory.

*Remember, some level of decorum must be followed while utilizing the cowbell. We aren't savages.

Suggestion 1 for improving Bronco Stadium atmosphere can be found HERE.

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