You've got spirit? So? Let's hear it.

Calling all Bronco uber-fans! It's going to be a few months till fall camp starts and we could discuss whether or not Kellen Moore can turn water into wine ad nauseum. What everyone wants to know is "who is the biggest Bronco fan"?

I will be conducting a very non-scientific contest to find out. Let me hear why you are the biggest Bronco fan in all the land. Do you drive an orange and blue Hummer? Have you not missed an away game in 10 years? Got the most Bronco memorabilia? Did you name your kids Ian and Chrissy? Does your toilet have Vandal logos lining the rim for target practice? Shoot me an email and provide proof that you are the biggest Bronco fan out there and I will send you a nice, original Bronco poster like the one HERE. Heck, I may send out more than one. E-mail me here at fightfightbsu@gmail.com and the judging will commence.

*Anyone producing proof of someone sporting a Bronco tattoo will be an automatic "win"
**Contest ends April 30th

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