An interview with Chance McClain

It's a long offseason...so for the next 150+ days we're going to be throwing out some exclusive interviews with ex-players, analysts and fans. Our first such interview is with Chance McClain, a Houston sports-radio program director that adopted the Broncos as "his team" a few years ago and whom Bronco Nation was introduced to via his youtube video: "Houston's Biggest Boise State Fan". Chance was nice enough to answer some questions and let us know just what it is that makes him passionate about Bronco football.

DREW: What was the first Bronco game you saw that introduced you to the program?
Chance: I guess it was '98 or '99, late at night at a bar. It was against Hawaii. I don't even think BSU won the game but (friend) Russell and I decided that no matter what, we were going to root for the scrappy undersized team.

DREW:What impressed you about the team and got you interested?
Chance: The undersized, over-efforted nature of the way they play football. Plus there was some randomness about it. I had never been to or really thought of Boise. It seemed like a nice enough place though. I was
impressed around 2000 or 2001 when I noticed that a buttload of the
players were from ID and ALL of the players were from the Pacific NW. It
just seemed weird that a team could be so good, so reckless, so fun, and
draw from such a selective pool of high school athletes. I also loved
the cavalier nature of the play calling. Oh and the fact that they were
always offense-oriented.

DREW: Have your friends and/or family adopted your passion for the Broncos?
Chance: Some of my buddies have. I am the program director of a sports radio station in the 4th more populated city in the country so professionally I am looked at more as a peculiarity than anything I suppose.

DREW: What is it about Bronco Football that may be appealing to fans around the country?
Chance: The things I mentioned before. They are spunky. They work their asses off. There is none of the superficial bull**** that you see oozing off
of the tier 1 D1 schools. They are college kids out there and don't seem
as unapproachable and bullish as the guys at the FSUs, the UCLAs, the
Notre Dames, the USCs. They seem like they have to play the game and get back to Boise so they can get ready for classes or a pledge retreat or
whatever else college kids do. Play video games and drink beer.

DREW: You produced a Boise State song called "Majestic"—how long did that take to produce and what gave you the idea?
Chance: OK. Majestic. I have wanted to do a BSU song since about 2001 it just never materialized. When I finally had my ducks in a row I wrote it and we recorded it in one night and then spent another couple nights mixing and mastering. I titled it Majestic because Lani Ordone, the guy playing lead guitar, is like a wicked gifted guitar shredder. He asked what I wanted the guitar to sound like and I said, "I want it to sound majestic." He stared at me incredulously and I stuck to my guns. He produced majestically. Frank Bullington is the other guy I did the track with. He is a fellow Longhorn fan and did not quite understand my obsession but I am winning him over. Can't help but. If people would just watch this team they will love this team. Unless they are dirty Vandals.

DREW: What has been the general response to your first youtube Bronco video "Houston's Biggest Boise State fan"?
Chance: Love and affection from Boise Nation. Dismay and snobbishness from Longhorn nation. I catch a little grief for corny-ing it up at the end
but whatever. I was proud of it. Still am.

DREW: You visited "the Blue" last year for the San Jose State game; what were your impressions of Boise, Bronco Stadium and the fans?
Chance: OMG. Awesome. That is now an annual trip for Russell and I. And we are going to Hattiesburg this year for our first ever Boise State road game. We plan to be obnoxiously drink and raise all kinds of hell in Mississippi. I can't wait for that game. We are still picking another game for this year's hajj. My impression was exactly what I expected: stellar people, fanatic supporters, a whole town bathed in blue and orange.

DREW: 2007 Fiesta Bowl or 2006 Rose Bowl?
Chance: Not even close. Fiesta Bowl. That was the greatest moment ever. The whole thing was surreal. I bought the video on iTunes and watch it
weekly. It was the best. The Rose was awesome, too. It was seemingly
insurmountable. But it did not even take a year. Again, I still like the
horns. Just not nearly as much as my horses.
Chance's "passing of the bracelet" vid
Majestic music video


Chance said...

I could not have said it better myself.

Drew said...

Don't sell yourself short...you might have.

JT Ray said...

Nice Interview. Chance the internet superstar!!

Chance said...

I rock so much I am like 75% Granite and 25% fulgurite.

mcknight77 said...

Chance, how about some help in getting some of those Texas teams up for a road trip to the Blue?