Bronco expansion gets a name

Boise State's stadium expansion got a name today—a name that mixes aliteration and pronunciation difficulties. Behold! The Stueckle Sky Club!

Prominent Boise businessman and major Boise State donor Duane Stueckle, along with his wife Lori have donated over $4.5 million to Boise State in recent history including a $1.5 million dollar contribution in October to establish a Biology endowed chair. Boise State has decided to honor the Stueckles (which is actually pronounced "stickles") with the naming rights to the new Bronco Stadium Sky Suites.

We look forward to the unveiling of the Velma Morrison broadcasting booth and Cost Less Carpet Stadium in the near future.

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Anonymous said...

what is the new cost less carpet addition???

Drew said...

Oops, did I not include the sarcasm emoticon in that sentence? Crap.