ex-BSU player bested by Idaho Vandal

Round one of the hip new Canadian game called "don't tear your Achilles" goes to a Vandal, according to a canada.com news article. Rolly Lumbala, a 10-year player at Idaho is a Canuck...so is former Boise State reserve linebacker and special teamer Josh Bean. Both players have returned to their homeland in pursuit of a dream to play a bizarre brand of football in the CFL. Bean knows what it is like to win...Lumbala does not—but Lumbala has defeated BC's training camp, while Bean did not.

Bean tore his Achilles at the Lions' camp and will have surgery this Friday, but he's already got words of encouragement for his obscure Vandal counterpart.

When you've got to handle a losing situation for three, four, five years, you might not be interested in football anymore. You've got to credit him for overcoming that situation and coming here to excel.
Ha ha, nice one Josh...way to remind Lumbala of his utterly squandered years in Moscow. Actually, reminding your bitter rival of how many years of losses they racked up is considered a high compliment in Canada.

Bean will be rehabbing for six to nine months while he gets cozy with his Canadian girlfriend.
...my girlfriend's from here [Coquitlam] so I'll just move in with her. I'll stay around the facility [Surrey practice field] all season for my rehab.
No word on what a Coquitlam is, yet...I think it may be a kind of herbal ointment.

Bean's health defeat at the hands of a Vandal wasn't the only surprising news, however...it turns out Boise State isn't even in Idaho.
Bean played for the Boise State Broncos, who went 32-7 over the linebacker's final three seasons, including a perfect 13-0 in 2006 when the Montana team upset Oklahoma in an epic and WAC-ky Fiesta Bowl

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