Pat Hill goes to bat

Fresno State's storied, mustachioed head coach testified at the DUI trial of embattled ex-Bulldog Jason Shirley yesterday—vouching for the defensive tackle, who was drafted in the 5th round by the Bengals. Hill was apparently asked to testify about witnessing Shirley suffer a concussion in a play against Nevada on October 6th. Hill's mind was on other things during the play in question, however:

"What I really noticed in that play," Hill said, "was recovering the fumble in the end zone."
Team doctor William Carveth testified that Shirley could have been suffering from the lingering effects of his mild to moderate concussion when he drove his car into an apartment complex in November. This dog and pony show seems to be overlooking one significant factor, however...that Shirley's blood alcohol level was .12 when the cops arrived after the accident. Unless a mild concussion can mimic alcohol in the bloodstream, it doesn't look like Shirley has a leg to stand on.

Hey Jason, it's a freakin' misdemeanor, not a capital murder trial! You failed the breathalyzer, man. No need to call in star witnesses. The fines will be a mere pittance if you make a signing bonus. This whole "trial" is wasting the mustache's time.

If convicted of the misdemeanors, Shirley will reportedly be punished by having to play for the Cinncinnati Bengals.

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