BSU gets virtual respect

Boise State, though not raking in preseason media love this year, has still found itself in the top 25 of a much more important list—one that has taken years of winning football to secure. Boise State is rated the 24th toughest place to play on NCAA Football 09. First Jared Zabransky was the cover boy...now "the Blue" will be pwning noobs. The video game rankings appear to mimic real-life success rates at venues around the NCAA—it is because of this that I'm a little worried when I see #7 on the list...Autzen Stadium in Eugene. The Broncos, digital and otherwise, are going to have to bring their "A-game" on September 20th.

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Jason Haberman said...

It's gotta be a bad thing that I get excited about crap like this, right?

Drew said...

Meh. I gave in to my addiction long ago.

OBNUG said...

Awesome news.

Glad to see you read Pasta Padre. I like that site a lot. We were going to run NCAA 09 team rankings tomorrow, so we'll be sure to link to this story.