Reason for the delay?

Peak Broadcasting last week assured restless Bronco fans that they were nearing the end of their search for the next Boise State play-by-play announcer. Peak was to interview the 4 finalists and reach their decision on Friday...but Friday came and went and we still have no news of the heir to Paul J's throne. Well, after a little hand-wringing and a bit of digging, I may have found the reason for the delay—it appears that Peak's (and BSU's) top-choice got poached right out from under their noses by ACC also-ran Virginia. Vermont play-by-play man Dave Koehn will be taking the reins as the Voice of the Cavaliers it was announced today...BUT

Apparently, Koehn was in high demand and was the top candidate for the vacant position handling football at Boise State before the offer arrived from UVa. He was one of 10 finalists from a pool of 120 applicants.
Peak has been quiet as little mice since last Friday's deadline passed—could be that they are regrouping as their first choice was nabbed by Al Groh's minions.

Whoever we get now...rest assured they'll be second choice. You know what they say, "second is the first loser".

Daily Progress article

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An announcement on the new hire is imminent.