Let's get social!

I discovered a mighty cool little online application at Ning.com that allows you to build your own social network. Now, I know that social networking is all the rage right now, but there is not a social networking community yet only for Bronco fans, so I created one. It aggregates RSS feeds from the 3 major BSU blogs and Bronco Country and hopefully will be a place where people can contribute groups, photos, videos and content that will then be easier to find by Bronco Nation. I'm going to set it up so it will import relevant Flickr photostreams too. I haven't had too much time to tinker with it yet, but hopefully Bronco Nation can help make it a richer experience for the social networking aficionados.

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Jason Haberman said...

Very cool.

Flickr you say? Well, a couple years ago I noticed there wasn't a Flickr group for Boise State atheletics, so I created one. Maybe this will help spread the word, and get more shots added.

Boise State Athletics on Flickr.com

OBNUG said...

I think ning is a great idea. Looks like you've put some good work into it already, too.