Weekend link fest

The lazy days of summer are upon us and Bronco news is a bit harder to come by...no new verbals this week...no new play-by-play announcer...and the Vandals continue to exist—but if you really dig down, you'll find that there is plenty of interesting content to be culled from Al Gore's greatest invention...the internet.

Long Beach columnist puts Fresno State's national championship in perspective

Boise State's Gary Craner says goodbye

Brian Murphy actually digs up a little extra info on newest commit Aaron Arron Burks.

Korey Hall helps Green Bay teammates win the title...the paintball title

Cam Hall getting a fresh start in Canada.

Nevada's lil General tries to follow the UH model for instant success. It won't work.

IPT reads the pre-season mags so you don't have to.

Tom Dienhart likes the Broncos...but not too much.

OBNUG notices striking similarities in La Tech's new logo.

Idaho's David Vobora celebrates his irrelevance with Hef.

Britney Rob Spear hopes do work a little magic.

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