Fresno jurors not too bright

Despite getting saddled with the easiest court case ever, Fresno jurors were unable to reach a verdict in a multi-misdemeanor extravaganza featuring ex-Fresno State star DT Jason Shirley. A few days ago, I posted an article about Pat Hill "testifying" on Shirley's behalf to acknowledge that Shirley had received a concussion playing against Nevada last season. A Bulldog team doctor also testified about Shirley's egregious concussion that was apparently so severe that it made him back his car into an apartment building and then blow a .12 on a breathalyzer over a month after said "mild" concussion occurred.

I believe that I have a very basic knowledge of law...even a rudimentary understanding of the physiological effects of a concussion—but has anyone ever successfully used a month-old concussion as reason for a DUI, hit and run and driving on a suspended license? Well, Jason Shirley is halfway there after a jury deliberated THREE DAYS and were unable to reach a verdict. A mistrial has been declared...the jury has been declared to be idiotic and Jason Shirley is off to Cinncinnati to make up for lost time (until a retrial date is set)

Now, I have nothing against Jason Shirley. He was a fine player for Fresno State and I wouldn't even have dug up this story if he hadn't played for a WAC conference-mate...but this whole trial is so laughably symbolic of the sad state of the U.S. legal system that it is kinda sad. Pat Hill and a team doctor should not have gotten involved. A concussion can be a difficult thing to get over, but it does not inject alcohol into the bloodstream. Shirley's defense attorney, Charles Magill, baffled by the hung jury—had this gem of wisdom about the mistrial:

"They are making an example of him," Magill said.
Yes, they are making an example of him, Chuck. What would that example be exactly? You can call in star witnesses to a slam-dunk DUI proceeding and somehow be fortunate enough to receive a mistrial? Sounds about right.

Oh, and in the interest of full disclosure I should mention that in 2002, I received a mild concussion while playing a game of ultimate frisbee...then 3 months later I knocked over a Keybank. Them concussions is crazy.

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FSDogs1 said...

Pat Hill kicked Shirley off the team. What do you mean he shouldn't have gotten involved?

Hey, whatever happened to that BS fullback from last season who was supposed to start...?


Drew said...

Pat Hill and team doc shouldn't have gotten involved in the show trial...meaning, they shouldn't have been dragged into it. Shirley should've owned his mistake. Hill made the right choice by kicking him off the team.

BSU fullback that was supposed to start? Dunno who you're talking about. Helmandollar? He was a tailback...got booted for failing a FST. What's the connection?