Broncos find their voice

So, after getting spurned by their top pick and overshooting their announcement date by over a week...it appears that Peak Broadcasting and Boise State has found their man.

This morning a cryptic anonymous message was left on my article about the Peak delay that said an announcement was forthcoming. Now, Idaho Radio News has posted a similarly cryptic headline-only article saying that indeed Peak and the Broncos have found their man. Bob Behler, the voice of the Umass Minutemen for the last 8 years, looks to be heir apparent to Paul J's throne. Behler, for the last 5 years, has also been the manager of broadcast properties at Umass. East coast Behler and his broadcast partners were honored as the Associated Press' Best Radio Play-by-Play in Massachusetts and Rhode Island for five of the last six years. Prior to becoming the UMass mainstay, Behler worked as the play-by-play announcer for Bucknell's various athletic programs.

The announcement of Behler's hiring ends months-long speculation about who KIDO would be placing in the booth. Behler has precious little time to get his act together as football season is fast approaching. We sincerely wish Behler the best and hope that Bronco fans still reeling from Paul J's departure will be able to find a little room in their hearts for "Bob B"...maybe it's too soon for a Paul J-esque moniker.

I, for one, am hoping that Paul J can take Behler under his wing to get him up to speed on the Broncos program that he knows so well. Maybe Paul J can teach him some of his "quainter" on-air antics as well.

Here's some 20-year old audio of Behler calling a Bucknell/Penn game if you really can't wait.

Here's some much more recent Behler audio as he does an NIT interview.


Bison Daddy said...

You've got yourself a great new voice! I've known Bob Behler since we worked together on Bucknell Bison Sports some 20 yrs ago. We were lucky enough to have him for a little while, before he went up to UMass. You won't find a more detail oriented broadcaster out there. And to your concern about time is short until kick-off, you can be rest assured that Bob will be ready with his smooth delivery, correct pronounciations, and accurate Play-by-Play.

Drew said...

Thanks for the info Bison Daddy! Everything I've read about Behler has been very good. If he is as studious as you claim and he immerses himself in all things Bronco...he'll be just what the doctor ordered. Fans around here are rabid about football and were equally loyal to our old play-by-play man...hopefully they will learn to love Bob, too. Accurate play-by-play was not something our previous man was known for, but he had passion and sometimes that is even more important. Let's hope Bob brings a bit of both.

Anonymous said...

Bob is outstanding. I knew him from his Bucknell days as well. He grew up on the West Coast, in California, and calling games has been his passion since he was a kid. You won't find a person who is more prepared or thorough. A great score for Boise ...