Ways to improve Bronco Stadium atmosphere

Over the next few weeks, I'll be discussing ways to improve the overall gameday atmosphere at Bronco Stadium. The Broncos don't lose often on the blue, and that is partially because of the huge homefield advantage gained by playing at Lyle Smith field...but there are certainly things we could all do to make that advantage even greater.

Suggestion 1 — Improve clapping output

Most of us loyal Bronco fans like to clap and make noise when our team does well or when we are on Defense...but I would say that the majority are only maybe clapping 1 to 2 times per second. Kent "Toast" French can clap 721 times per minute! Can you imagine if Bronco Stadium could collectively improve our clapping potential by 6x! Can you imagine the mind games that opponents would face as Bronco Stadium put up castanet-like clapping exhibitions during their offensive huddle? The Broncos would be unstoppable!

I propose a concerted fundraising effort to get Kent French to come to the Boise and give a clapping seminar so that average Bronco fans can triple or even quadruple their clapping output. Remember the 3 keys to football success are 1. Coaching 2. Player talent and 3. Clapping. Mr. French, we need you desperately.


Anonymous said...

Sure, but then people would say that all the bronco fans had "the clap".

Drew said...

Fine by me...Imagine large banners, reading: "Fear the Clap"