If you were lucky enough to brave the raging Boise winds and catch the first spring scrimmage this afternoon...you were treated to a blistering display of offensive and defensive fireworks, and some of the best 15-yard punts you've ever seen.

All jokes aside, the first spring scrimmage is in the books and it looked like...well...the first spring scrimmage. A lot of guys sitting out, among them: Jarrell Root, Billy Winn, Jeremy Avery, Mike T. Williams, Kyle Wilson etc.

A lot of bad snaps, dropped passes and general miscues...but we expect that in the first spring scrimmage. Bush Hamdan and Kellen Moore seem like VERY early frontrunners for the QB job. I liked Moore's decisions and mobility and Bush made some nice throws and improvised well. Saw the first glimpse of a Ian Johnson/Doug Martin kick-return tandem and I liked what I saw...they will house a few this season.

Didn't get to see as much of Doug Martin's angry running as I would've liked, but all the backs looked capable and even Jarvis Hodge impressed on one long run.

Absolutely stacked at RB: Ian Johnson rushed four times for 70 yards, Jarvis Hodge three times for 57 yards, Doug Martin 10 times for 59 yards and sophomore D.J. Harper nine times for 40 yards. Yikes. Nice job O-line or "get well soon" D-line.

A pretty good crowd on-hand for a windy day with the NCAA tourney going on. A lot of excitement about the new-look Broncos.

I have decided to drop the scrimmage vids as I don't want to run afoul of the practice gestapo. I don't think my grainy vids are going to step on anyones toe with "actual" media credentials...but I also don't want to risk "ruining" it for anyone who consider practice video and reports to be the only real thing to get excited about until August 30th. Hence, here is a link to some "real" scrimmage video minus the pithy comments. Enjoy.

A good recap from the Statesman: Moore shines.


JT Ray said...

Great coverage of the first scrimmage, glad to see you braved the wrath of Boise State Athletics and took some video. I hope to have live video of the Blue and Orange Game. Keep up the great coverage and nice banner!

Anonymous said...

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Drew said...

Go away, Spambot!

JT Ray said...

Wordpress you moderate comments, I recommend a switch, plus you can import all of your posts from blogger.