You think you're better than me?!

Today is a big day for Bronco Nation Boise is positively buzzing as for the first time in 14 years, the Bronco basketball team will not be able to attend the spring football scrimmage. Poor saps.

If you consider yourself a rabid Bronco fan...you will excitedly rush to Bronco Stadium at 3:30 today to watch a glorified practice. You better believe I will be there as I want to see the development of redshirts Kellen Moore, angry Doug Martin and to check out Jarrell Root's kneebrace. We also will have an opportunity to try to figure out which streetclothes-clad kids roaming the sidelines may be potential recruits. It will also mark the first opportunity I will have to take my 8-month old son down on the blue turf that he's been itching to touch ever since he left the womb.

Rumor has it that 8th-year senior Bush Hamdan will be getting the first reps with the first-team offense...but this may be more of a gesture towards the most-senior QB than a nod to who will be inheriting the offense this fall. Coach Bryan Harsin conspicuously left out Nick Lomax's name when praising the development of the QBs this spring; from the Statesman:

Harsin said he has been impressed with the springs of Coughlin and Moore, who are still learning the offense.

“Those guys have come in there and done a nice job of being prepared and playing well,” Harsin said. “ … They’ve accelerated their learning just by their preparation in the offseason.”

I could be reading to far into this...but it's the offseason and we need SOMETHING to analyze besides the falling value of the U.S. dollar.

Guys I would like to check out (not in that way) this afternoon are: Doug Martin, George Iloka, JP Nisby, Billy Winn, Kellen Moore, Dominique Vinson, and possibly Ricky Cookman and Kyle Efaw. Show us somethin' boys!

I will be surreptitiously taking my digital camera into the scrimmage to bring you blogsters some images and video from tonight's festivities, so check me out this evening for some "exclusive" content.

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