Angrier and angrier

By the time the season rolls around, the rage inside of Doug Martin will finally explode out of him causing him to leave a perfect Doug Martin-shaped hole in an unsuspecting Idaho State linebacker. I mean, look at the above photo from spring ball...Martin looks like he is about to tear off his jersey screaming "DOUG...MAAAD". Even his helmet is attempting to flee his head as his anger reaches critical mass. If we're seeing this level of intensity from Martin when his opponents are some tackling dummies and pads...I feel confident that he will kill someone before the season is through. Read the below comments from his teammates and you will see why I am so jacked to see Martin strap it up this fall.

"If you guys haven't heard of Doug Martin yet, you will definitely hear a lot about him," junior tailback Ian Johnson said. "That guy came in here with more muscles all over his body than I've ever seen in my life. As a freshman, you're not supposed to be that big. He weighs 30 pounds more than I was when I first got here and he's as fast as I am now. That's just a physical specimen, and he's going to do a lot of good things for us next year."

"That guy's ridiculous," junior middle linebacker Kyle Gingg said.

"Hands down, he was the best running back we faced," junior weak-side linebacker Dallas Dobbs said.

"That dude is a beast," senior safety Austin Smith said.

"The guy who just killed us all year was Doug," defensive line coach Pete Kwiatkowski said.

"He has a running style you could describe as being an angry runner. My job over the next four years will be to not screw him up," running backs coach Jeff Choate said.

Just try to keep the 4-headed Bronco runningback monster from getting 300 yards per game next year...I dare ya.


bluetundra said...

That was a funny and well written, and got my football blood raging and it's only MARCH!

Drew said...

Glad I could help.

Anonymous said...

I hope we see some of that this Friday.

Drew said...

Heck, that's the whole reason I'm going on Friday. If a diminutive guy like Jeremy Avery can knock Kyle Gingg unconscious...I shudder to think what a bulky, raging Doug Martin can do!