Brains > brawn.

If you follow internet chatter...especially of the Bronco variety, you've no doubt heard of the miraculous spring scrimmage of Kellen Moore. No, Moore didn't turn water into Gatorade or heal a leper (although could've performed the Heimlich maneuver on a few other Bronco QBs who 'choked') and hey, it was only the FIRST scrimmage of the spring, but many Bronco fans are calling Moore's 10-14 2 TD day a miracle. The miracle lies in the fact that Moore, who is a redshirt freshman, looked to have a better grasp of the Bronco playbook than a sophomore, junior and 5th-year senior.

Moore, a record-setting high school quarterback out of Prosser, Washington is only 6'1" and 180 lbs, but he's a coaches son and voraciously studies film...has since his high school days and probably before that LINK.

Moore has already drawn comparisons to Ryan Dinwiddie ('cept he's a lefty) and I see a little Colt Brennan in him with his quick defensive reads and nickel and dime'n opponents before going deep. The bottom line is this: Kellen Moore has as good a chance (if not better )at the starting job as anyone on the roster and Bronco fans are positively giddy at the prospect of a 4 year starter with all the offensive talent we'll retain.

I know a week or so ago I was giving the inside track to Michael Coughlin, but I sincerely think that with Moore's work ethic and knowledge of the game, coaches may see a small enough "freshman downside" in him that they may just give him the reins.

Granted, Moore needs to continue to impress through Spring ball and into Summer, but with 5 solid running-backs and a slew of fast and talented wide receivers...I think that Moore could reasonably get the starting nod without expectations of "carrying the offense" and in ensuing sophomore, junior and senior campaigns be a true B.M.O.C.

Moore may not have the height of Lomax or Coughlin or the speed and arm-strength of Hamdan, but he has football smarts and a tireless work-ethic and that, I think, may be exactly what Boise State needs again. And do you really think OUR freshman could do any worse than Nathan Enderle?

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