Beware the 'Q'

It appears that "Pete's Poison" is going to get a dash of "Ault's Arsenic" as the Broncos have been flirting with Nevada's stupidly named Pistol offense this spring. The Broncos have decided to call it something much cooler...ready, James Bond fans? Behold: the Q! The "pistol" which Ault didn't invent, is really just a modified shotgun offense, so BSU has decided to show Nevada how it can be effective on a weekly basis. Ok, ok...so Nevada's offense went OFF on Boise State last year, but it wasn't because of their silly pistol—it is because Boise State's linebackers just weren't quite ready for a 6'6", 150 lb. quarterback who knew how to run a bootleg. Boise State won that game (the only game in 5 years not to be decided by about 30 points) and now has said "yoink" and comically snatched some of Nevada's bread and butter. Having wild success last year with triple reverses and Tanyon Bissell-behind-center formations...I can't wait to see the Broncos throw one more thing into their already ridiculously large playbook. Coach Pete was modest when talking about the new looks in the offense:

“I don’t think I’ve ever had an original idea,” Petersen said. “Everything we do has been taken from somebody. We make no bones about it. … That’s how we do things. We take things that we like and we try to marry them into our offense.”

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