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For the second off-season in a row, the Boise State coaches have the unenviable task of sifting through BSU's bevy of quarterbacks to see which one is best suited to captain the ship. None of the 4 men vying for the job have a single start under their belt and only 3 of them have even seen any action at all. Senior Bush Hamdan was the odds-on favorite to take the reins last year, but after missing scrimmage time with injury and other unknown factors was passed over for then-senior Taylor Tharp. Tharp was a solid performer for Boise State last year and no one really second guessed the coaches' decision, however, inexplicably—it seemed that Hamdan fell all the way to the bottom of the depth chart. Michael Coughlin and Nick Lomax were given playing time when Hamdan was not. No one really knows what lead to this seismic shift of the depth chart, but it has cast a haze over this year's QB race and no one really knows what will happen.

Most Boise State fans would prefer to have at least a 2-3 year starter at the helm so most would probably prefer an underclassmen under center — unless the senior, Hamdan is just that much better this offseason as we suspect Tharp must have been last year. Sophomore Coughlin and Junior Lomax possess prototypical Division-1 size (something quite uncharacteristic for a Bronco QB) and Coughlin appears to have the ability to run a bit as well (albeit not nearly as well as Zabransky). Hamdan probably looked the best of the three in passing situations last year in his limited playing time, and I like Hamdan's leadership and intensity...but if I was to be honest, I also think that the Broncos should look to the future and go with a
younger guy.

Kellen Moore is the darkhorse (inadvertent Bronco pun...chaching!). Moore looked very sharp in camp last year and is one of the higher rated recruits that has come to the blue. He set all kinds of high school records in Washington and has a quick read and quick release. He probably needs one more year in the system before he really has it down...but don't underestimate this kid—he is a student of the game and could inject himself into the race this year.

Bottom line is that the Bronco coaches will pick the best guy—if it's Hamdan, so be it. Personally, I would like to see Miramesa's finest, Michael Coughlin step into the spot this year and then see if Moore can overtake him once he grasps the full Bronco playbook. Coughlin has a cannon (and a pretty nice little mustache on occasion) and if he can improve his reads and his decision making...will be a very nice field general for the mighty Broncos.


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The new Air Jordan spot featuring the Broncos...seems people that run Explorer are having a little trouble with the embedded file...I will post a hotlink for those that can't see it.