Ya gotta have heart.

Boise State has made a name for itself in its somewhat brief history where undersized, unrecognized players and walkons come and become major contributors if not stars.Look at the amazing career of Mountain Home product Ia Falo, who came to Boise State as a 5'7" 143 lb. walkon cornerback and became an explosive and important roleplayer on special teams. ESPN even featured Falo in an article (the Special Teams Demon). The list of smallish, unrecruited talent that Boise State has cultivated over the years could probably fill the pages of a book...remember Jadon Dailey? Andrew Woodruff? Tim Gilligan? What about Brock Forsey, Colt Brooks or Vinny Peretta? Boise State not only seems to find these guys and develop them, but I believe needs them. These players personify the blue-collar work ethic of "the little team that could" and have been so key to our success and so vital in leadership roles that I believe that Boise State should continue to forsake the star ratings and really go after these high character guys with "heart to spare" year after year.

Who will be the next Ia Falo? Maybe Andy Silsby, a local walk-on running back who won't sniff the starting gig, but has shown himself to be a very capable and versatile special teams man. Maybe it's Ricky Cookman, a highly touted wide receiver that just didn't pull down the offers most thought he would...he could be the next TJ Acree or Tim Gilligan. Maybe it will be Stephen Gabbard, another star HS running back that will probably be buried on the RB depth chart, but could be a big time player in another role.

Whoever it is, Bronco Nation will be watching and rooting. These guys are what make our Broncos the pride of the state and the darlings of the mid-majors. So, if you are a lightly recruited player who has the heart of a champion and the desire to help the team in any capacity...you may just belong on the blue.

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