For those about to suck...we salute you!

Vandals opened Spring Camp on Monday and rumor has it that Robb Akey saw his shadow signifying at least one more season of terrible football. Chin up Vandals, you can't do that much worse than 1-11.

In recognition of this grand event, here is a stirring tribute video:

So impressed was Akey with Monday's first practice...he temporarily forgot that he was actually coaching the Vandals:

Second-year Idaho coach Robb Akey addressed his team following the first day of spring camp Tuesday, reminding them to wear attire that is "Cougar-issued." The former Washington State defensive coordinator's faux pas brought good-natured groans from his team and a hung head from Akey himself.

Akey's comment was followed by a brief "wa-waaaa" played on a nearby tuba.


Bronco said...

Classic. Love the video.

Statueleft said...

you are killing me...with this collection