'Gratest' website ever?

I believe that I may have unearthed possibly the greatest website ever...and it is titled: Ryan Dinwiddie Gratest(sic) Bronco Ever. Everything about this website is amazing. From the pea-green color scheme to the spelling and statistical errors, this site has everything.

The page's main header graphic, which reads: "Ryan Dinwiddie, an NFL quarterback" calls into question whether the website author was wildly speculative or just simply confused the CFL and the NFL.

Once the site patron clicks on the "About" tab, they are greeted with not only a rundown of Dinwiddie's positives and negatives as a next level QB, but also his injury and DUI statistics. And as you peruse this valuable Ryan Dinwiddie info, you are treated to this rare photo of Dinwiddie (when he was a black, partial amputee linebacker that played for Texas). WOW! The "About" page then offers the following analysis:

Smart, productive collegiate cornerback with marginal skills for the next level.

The hits just keep coming!

If you want more important Ryan Dinwiddie info, be sure to check out the "Report" page which highlights one of Dinwiddie's ultimate downfalls:

He has a good delivery, but will drop his arm to a ¾ angle at times.

If only Dinwiddie could've sorted out that 3/4 angle thing...he'd probably be a Pro-Bowler by now.

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Ahh, screw it...check out the "Gratest" website for yourself HERE

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