Atta boy, RD!

Well, Ryan Dinwiddie made his coach look like a genius...again. On Thursday night in Winnipeg, RD gave a positively Dinwiddie-like performance—and Boise State fans who have longed to see Ryan light up defenses one more time had their chance (if they get channel 39 on their antenna). Dinwiddie, as I blogged earlier this week, was given the reins of the Winnipeg Blue Bombers after their incumbent got them off to an 0-4 start. Dinwiddie not only tossed for 450 yards and a score...he tossed the game winning touchdown with only seconds left on the clock. I gotta tell ya, to see Dinwiddie's pure elation after he tossed that game clincher almost brought a tear to my eye—the guy's been through a lot and it's about time he was given the opportunity to shine once again. Boise State, by the way, got a lot of free pub during the game as Dinwiddie's college roots were mentioned time and again, as well as his teammate's, Cam Hall.

Dinwiddie looked so poised, confident and accurate—I could've sworn I'd stepped back into the year 2003. Now if I could just figure out why they only got three downs (or "doons" as the announcer kept referring to them), why the teams got a point for missing a field goal and why the uprights were at the very front of a 20-yards-deep endzone all would be right with the world.

Atta boy, RD! We haven't forgotten about you.



Jason Haberman said...

I caught some of the first half of the game and I gotta say, RD looked great. He even had a super sweet 75 yard touchdown pass called back on a BS holding call.

Nice to see him get a chance and to really shine.

Drew said...

Yeah, brought back some memories. Man, that kid was fun to watch wasn't he? Shame he hasn't had many opportunities since then.

Editor In Chief said...

I agree, Dinwiddie was nothing short of excellent. There was one pass he threw perfectly in to triple coverage-with the reciever making the catch. And then to throw the game winning TD in the last minute after a Calgary score-can't say enough about that performance.

BTW, I live 50 miles from Winnipeg and am a season ticket holder. If anyone in Canada calls downs "doons", he is a recent Irish immigrant or maybe from the East Coast. I've never heard that before

There are no points given just for missing a FG either. If the ball is kicked out of the end zone or the returner takes a knee there, that is a single point (ditto on punts). A ball that hits the uprights and back out is zero points.

scoochie2006 said...

If you can't get CFL games where you are just log onto TSN.ca and watch live, or you can even watch archived games and catch what you missed with Dinwiddie this last game.

Drew said...

Thanks for the CFL education, fellas. I really never realized it was that different from American football until I started following some of our ex-Broncos in the league.

Blue4Life said...

I ejoyed the article but ignorance has to shine through. Doons? *Rant on* Are you kidding me? No one at all, anywhere in Canada says "doons". It's downs! The same goes for about. No Canadian in there right mind says "aboot", and I would like to "aboot" every American in the sack who thinks so! And I like America and Americans! *Rant off*
Otherwise good article lol! Go Dinwiddie, win us another! Also Big shout out to Cam Hall! Has been solid all year, so far!

Ps, The thing on top of a house is a roof not a ruff :).

Drew said...

Geez, Blue4life...I was only trying to perpetuate a Canadian stereotype. No big deal, eh hoser?

GRock said...

LOL! I'm Canadian and I saw the humor in your post Drew. We just have a very different game up here, wider and longer fields, huge endzones, and shorter possession time (3 downs). Its More of a pure passing game and makes for a nice change from the NFL.

As for Dimwiddie, It's nice to see the kid bringing leadership to our team. Its what we were sorely lacking.

I'm looking forward to continuing to watch him play as the season progresses.

GRock said...

OMG, realized I said DIMwiddie... and I couldn't edit it.

My bad LOL