Precious Cargo

Coach Chris Petersen will be going from the blue to the wild blue yonder, the Statesman reports today. Petersen will ride along with the Blue Angels on Wednesday as they perform a show in Twin Falls. Why Petersen?

The Navy requested Petersen because he’s in good physical condition and has a high public profile, said Brad Larrondo, Boise State senior associate athletic director for promotions and marketing.
You'd better be careful, Blue Angels...we kinda like Coach Pete around here. We don't need you up there scrambling MIGs or doing low altitude flybys of Tom Skerritt. We do need you to land him on an aircraft carrier under a giant banner that says "WAC Championship Accomplished". Oh, and how about two parachutes, just in case?
"They said they’re going to try to give him a ride to remember," Larrondo said.
Are we talking "riding in a jet" memorable or "wetting one's pants" memorable? All of Bronco Nation says "Godspeed", Coach Pete.

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