What's in a (nick)name?

There have been many great nicknames in the annals of sports history; "Magic"..."Primetime"..."Chocolate Thunder"..."Bill Wennington"—great players seem to require great nicknames. Sadly, this has been an area in which Boise State has been sorely lacking of late. Boise State's recent nicknames consist mainly of shortening the players name or using their initials. ENOUGH!

Fight, Fight, BSU would like to arbitrarily hand out some nicknames that we hope stick with our young squad. Some will require no explanation...some will. Bear with me.

In no particular order:

Austin "Stickum®" Pettis—Dude's got amazing hands

Vinny "Vincenzo" Perretta—Vinny's an all-purpose player...and "Vinny" is plenty tough...but if he eventually wants to take over the family business; Vincenzo it shall be.

Titus "the" Young—Titus torched defenses as a true frosh last year, but still doesn't look a day over 15. I looked back to Alexander the Great and Hagar the Horrible for this one. Titus the Young shall conquer Gaul.

Bush "2 in the hand" Hamdan—I've never understood that saying...but depending on what we're talking about could be pretty darn cool. Example: 2 beating hearts?

Jarrell "Voltron" Root—credit BC's Zagco for this gem.

Ryan "the flying Dutchmen" Winterswyk—Ryan is from La Habra, CA...but we believe his ancestors to have been pillaging Norsemen.

Jeremy "Slash and Burn" Avery—Avery didn't like "Peanut" too much, and I feel that his running style is most similar to this agricultural practice.

Doug "Doug Mad" Martin—"Doug mad, Doug smash".

DJ "the Quiet Man" Harper—Harper is quiet and unassuming...he also is a punishing runner and one of the fastest guys on the team.

Mike "Teed Off" Williams—You wouldn't like Mike T. when he is angry...only Doug Martin likes him when he's angry.

Kellen "the Prodigy" Moore—Kellen may start as a redshirt freshman and demolish recordbooks in a 4-year conquest. We'll see.

Ian "Freakin'" Johnson—He's just Ian freakin' Johnson. 'Nuff said.

Jeremy "AO" Childs—Always Open.

Nate "White Shadow" Potter—He'll be in Clady's shadow his whole career. Embrace it, pal.

Derrell "Geeked Up" Acrey—No one looks like they're having more fun on or off the field than Acrey. We're all expecting big things from this kid.

Kyle "What's with the 2 G's" Gingg—Ohhhh..the 2nd G is silent.

Dallas "Pops" Dobbs—I graduated from BSU almost 4 years ago...I think Dobbs was in my freshman English class.

Billy "the Professor" Winn—Billy looks like he can recite Pi to the 30th decimal point. We hope that he formulates hypotheses on the field about how to destroy quarterbacks.

JP "Morgan" Nisby—JP Morgan was an American banker and financier. JP Nisby is a freakishly strong defensive lineman. Do I have to spell this one out?

Richie "Malibu" Brockel—Looks a little like a Mattel® Ken doll...with much bigger traps.

Andrew "Big Pun" Woodruff—He's a player and he crushes...a lot.

Kyle "Yoink" Wilson—"Oh, you thought you had that ball? Yoink"

I'm tapped out. Got any more? Send them my way!

Reader Carroll proposes the following alternates:

J.P. "Mr. Nasty" Nisby—This guy is a monster!

Ryan "Seek And Destroy" Winterswyk—Ryan is on a mission.

Doug "Full Metal Jacket" Martin—Don't get in his way! He will go right through you.

Kellen "Ever Ready" Moore—Kellen will just keep going, and going, and going...

Jeremy "Checkmate" Childs—Checkmate is defined as: "To strike in such a manner that no escape or defense is possible."

Reader Jason (Hayzer) proposes "T-Byrd" for Frosh Center Thomas Byrd

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