Bob Behler drives a Pontiac G6

Among the extremely valuable tidbits that the Statesman was able to uncover in their exclusive interview with the new Voice of the Broncos, Bob Behler, was that he drives a Pontiac G6. Hard hitting journalism at it's best, right? But maybe can't we cull deeper insight into Bob Behler the man by his choice of car? After all, a lot can be learned about a man by looking at his ride. For example...I drive a 2003 Dodge Neon—this says about me: "I don't give a crap about my car, as long as it runs". It also may be reasonably deduced about someone that drives a gas-guzzling Hummer that they are a jackass don't particularly care for Al Gore or his ilk. So, what does Bob Behler's Pontiac say about him? Well, G6s are definitely sporty...so we know that he must be serious about sports and that bodes well for Boise State fans. The G6 is also the 11th best selling car in the United States and has won several industry awards...so clearly Bob does his homework. Depending on whether Behler drives the sedan, coupe or hard-top convertible variety of the G6 could speak volumes as well. If he drives the sedan, he may be just as likely to take his car to the grocery store as he would be to take it on the Autobahn. If he drives the coupe...he is probably not hauling any little Behlers around. If he drives the hard-top convertible...all bets are off—Behler may just be a bad boy beneath that bespectacled visage. The G6 has a 240 HP V6 engine...Behler's got boundless energy and enthusiasm. The G6 was also the car that was famously given away to Oprah Winfrey show guests in 2004—so I'm sure that Behler is the sensitive sort.

So really, if you dig a bit deeper...the Statesman's puff piece might have revealed a lot more about the Peak's new franchise talent than they intended. Or was it that the Statesman had a method to their madness when they asked Behler the seemingly lame innocent question? Nah.

Statesman article HERE.


JT Ray said...

I drive a Pontiac as well and I don't know why that matters.

Drew said...

Yeah, it doesn't. Just trying to make some lemonade out of the Statesman's lemon.