What can be learned from charity softball?

The Bronco football team played the inaugural charity soft ball game yesterday at Hawk's Stadium and besides boring my 1-year old rather quickly offered up a treasure trove of pre-fall camp information. If you were looking for it, anyway.

First off, the player sizes on the broncosports roster appear to be a tad off (thankfully). Watching many of the Bronco players trot out onto the field in their UnderArmor jerseys, one could not help but notice that many have rocked up considerably in the off-season. Jeremy Avery, Jason Robinson, Will Lawrence, Kyle Efaw and Richie Brockel stood out to me, among others, who looked to have added at least a few pounds to their frames since December. We keep forgetting that Will Lawrence switched over to the O-line in Spring camp...he's looking big and athletic and I think should factor in to the O-line discussion this year.

Secondly, the player's personalities really shined through in their personalized introduction music. Among those of note were a fitting "Welcome Back" for Jeremy Childs who, indeed looks to be back, "Love Machine" for Toshi Franklin, "El Paso" for Sean Bingham, and "Showoff" for Jeron Johnson. Richie Brockel came to bat to the only death metal song of the night—if he brings that intensity to TE/FB this year...WAC defenses are in trouble.

Thirdly, Ian Johnson can't even escape a softball game unscathed. Ian, playing pitcher in the fourth inning, took a hard line drive off the leg and limped out. Gads, Ian...just sit in your Laz-E-boy the rest of the summer, OK?

Fourth...the incoming frosh look ready to go. Stood behind Raphiel Lambert at the concession stand and he looks as solid as any incoming frosh I've seen. I'm guessing 5'10" and about 200 lbs. Also saw Chris Potter, Tyler Jackson and Bronson Durrant and all looked "healthy".

Other observations

David Shields, whose career looks to be over due to shoulder problems was mended enough to jack a deep home-run early in the game.

Ryan Clady, a coach for the Defense, came out of his shell a bit—providing Augusto with some funny commentary and charging the field and trying to swipe first base after a controversial call. $11 million bucks the cure for shyness?

Titus Young showed up a bit late but he was sporting a bit of bling and wearing a Barry Sanders jersey.

Jon Gott has traded in his Grizzly Adams beard for some longer locks. Gott and Andrew Woodruff look like two of our biggest O-lineman. Cory Yriarte, who red-shirted last year looked pretty big as well.

Ex-players Tim Gilligan, Tad Miller, Rashaun Scott and Jeff Carpenter were spotted around the stadium among others.

Let me just reiterate—Ryan Winterswyk is going to tear the WAC a new one this season and be a high NFL draft pick when his Bronco career is up.

The event was well-received and a success, but not extremely well attended. As this looks to be an annual event, it would benefit from more media exposure and competing with a Boise Burn game probably didn't help.


StatueLeft said...

unsure if Jeb Putzier was there but he might have been the best former BSU footballer to play beer league softball down at Willow Lane. Saw him catch a foul ball and without breaking stride jump over the side fence, clearing the damn chain link without even touching it. Very impressive

Drew said...

I was impressed with the softball skillz of Chris Oneill, Austin Pettis (his uncle was an MLB'er) and Ellis Powers. Powers hit a homer that might hit the actual wall (not the temporary 270 ft. fence they'd installed)

Jason Haberman said...

thanks for posting this updated... I was unable to make the game and was a bit disappointed. Glad to hear what went down!

Drew said...

No problem, Jason. BTW, still have that poster for you. Burning a hole in my desk.