An Interview with Buster Bronco

It's a long offseason...so for the next few months we're going to be throwing out some exclusive interviews with ex-players, analysts and fans. Our third such interview is with Buster Bronco (shown above with Nick Schlekeway), a revered and reviled member of the Boise State family. Buster's exact age and gender are subject of speculation...but one thing is for sure...he exists!

DREW: Buster, how are you recovering from your off-season bout with laminitis?
(Winnies loudly and then snorts)

DREW: I see...so you'll be ready to take the field on August 30th?


DREW: Was that a yes? How about this: will your off-season injury keep you off the field come August, yay or neigh?


DREW: Excellent...according to your wikipedia page, you are also known as Flappymouth...where did that name come from?
(Tosses head violently to and fro)

DREW: So I think you are indicating that you don't know...do you know?

DREW: Fair enough. Some have criticized your on-field antics—what do you have to say to your critics?

(bows head and snorts softly, but as he raises his head again I see tears welling up in his comically oversized eyes)

DREW: So, it's not easy for you to talk about?

DREW: How old are you exactly?
(stomps hoof 10 times)

DREW: So, you are ten years old? Is that in human years?

DREW: Your arms have gotten dramatically bigger in the last 10 years...is there anything added to your hay?

Neigh. (Buster flexes his fuzzy horse arms)

DREW: Did you know that the Western Michigan mascot is also named 'Buster'?
Neigh. (Buster looks visibly shaken by this news for some reason)

DREW: Does this upset you?
(tosses head violently in up and down motion)

DREW: Buster, you are rumored to be in a relationship with the Channel 7 logo mascot...is this true?
Neigh. NEIGH. (Buster overturns chair and kicks his hooves at me, barely missing my chin)

DREW: I guess this interview is over.

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