Z is out-sky...

The Pittsburgh Steelers never really gave Jared Zabransky a chance. He never had the opportunity to show his skills or even duel with recent draftee Dennis Dixon. "Z" was cut by the Steelers on Wednesday to add receiver Marvin Allen to their practice squad. The worst part? Marvin Allen is British. I don't know why that is the worst part, but come on...he's a freakin' Brit! I thought that the Steelers admired Zabransky's spunk...does spunk mean nothing anymore?!

Once again, we wish Zabransky well, but he seems to be suffering the same fate as previous Bronco QBs...he just isn't really getting an opportunity. Maybe Z should head to the great white north and teach the Canucks a thing or two. We'll be following Zabransky's moves from here on out.

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