Deeper and deeper...way down

Wonder what was the driving force behind Nevada's inexplicable barrage at Bronco Stadium last year? Do you wonder why Luke Lippincott sliced through our defense in OT like he was sleepwalking...well, he might have been. It seems that Luke Lippincott is hypnotized before football games by his father, Dr. Demento Brian Lippincott. "Three or four" of his Wolf_space_pack teammates are "put under" as well by the good Dr. Lippincott, a psychologist at John F. Kennedy University(their motto: Ich bin ein undergrad). Luke explains:

"It's not follow the magic thing," Lippincott said. "Hypnotism, I like to think of it as just like getting your body in a totally relaxed state and thinking of a game-time situation to the point where you're in the game-time situation in a real-life game and you're calm."
Like, wow man.

And nothing unseemly about this:
Brian Lippincott travels to every game — home and away — and hypnotizes players in their hotel rooms.
No, Chris Hansen does not come out of a back room with cameras rolling.

Dr. Quack Lippincott also "helped out" prior to the New Mexico Bowl
Lippincott said his father hypnotized Nevada safety Uche Anyanwu prior to the New Mexico Bowl and asked the junior to envision stripping the ball from a running back. In the second quarter, Anyanwu did just that.
...he also hypnotized the entire Nevada offense and told them to envision scoring no points.

Now that we know about Nevada's ace in the hole, Chris Petersen has invited David Blaine to visit Boise State players before games to do some coin tricks.


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