Departures happen in college football. Every year players are lost in the offseason to grades, injury or otherwise—unfortunately, Boise State is not immune to this phenomena. We'll find out on Monday whether or not Jeremy Childs will make it back to the Broncos squad, but in the meantime the following players will NOT be joining the team this fall.

  • Dominique Vinson, redshirt WR—unspecified
  • Paul Luciarello, Center—Injury
  • Philip Edwards, DT—unspecified
  • Jack Sula, RB/LB—"family reasons"
  • Van Drumgoole, WR—going to a JC
  • Kapono Rawlins-Crivello, DL—unspecified

I was very excited to see Vinson and Sula out there. Shame. Let's hope this "bleeding" stops sooner than later.

Part of the Game
Vinson out.

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OBNUG said...

No David Shields, either. What is happening to our team?!