Bottom feedin': WAC 2008 preview starts with Utah State

An ESPN feature recently ranked the most hated teams in each conference. The WAC's most hated team turned out to be Fresno State, while the least hated team was Utah State. The Aggies, according to the "Hate Meter" just haven't made any real enemies in their three pitiful years in the league...they also have never finished above seventh place. Well, I say more teams should hate the Aggies. They consistently bring down opponent's SOS, their games are yawn-inducing, and they were at one time coached by Johnelle John L. Smith. But what do they bring to the table this season? Let's see.

You call that coaching?

Brent Guy, seems like a nice enough bloke—he's a self-described "family man" and he at one point was the defensive coordinator at Boise State. Only problem is: he stinks as a head coach. Guy is 6 and 29 in his tenure at Utah State...and his most successful season was a 3-8 romp in 2005. Since that magical season, the Guy-led Aggies have been outscored 868 to 377. Impressive, no? No. This season may just be "do or die" for coach Guy, another 10 or 11 loss outing, and Utah State's dwindling fanbase will be calling for his head on a charger.

No offense, but you have no offense.
Remember when I told you that Utah State has been outscored 868 to 377 in the last two seasons? Turns out...that's not good. The Aggies were shutout 4 times in 2006 and once last season (but hey, they scored 3 against Oklahoma). While the Aggies did manage to improve their point-output by 117 from 2006 to 2007...they still have one of the weakest offenses in the nation. The Aggies run game produced only 1499 yards last year as a team—that's just a shade over how many yards last year's WAC rushing champ, Luke Lippincott had all by himself, and about 1000 yards behind the Broncos team rushing totals from '07. The Aggie passing attack was anemic last year as well, producing only 11 TDs through the air against 9 INTs. To make matters worse, the Aggies two top receivers from 2007, Kevin Robinson and Rob Meyers, have graduated. Obviously, if the Aggies don't get some skill position help, and fast, 2008 will be another stinker.

Defending your life
The Aggie defense needs to improve in a hurry. Utah State allowed 3 teams last year to score over 50 points on them and allowed an average score of 33.8. Boise State, which had what many consider to be a down year defensively in 2007, only allowed 20 points per game. The Aggies will return much of their defense this season—not sure if that is a good thing or not.

Special returner won't return
Utah State may be hurting this year in another key area: special teams. Kevin Robinson, who was a major homerun threat as a kick and punt returner last season is gone: drafted by the Kansas City Chiefs. His replacement is unknown, but it is hard to imagine that they will enjoy the level of productivity that the versatile Robinson enjoyed.

Bottom Line:

The Aggies will have another snore of a season. They probably don't have a shot at winning a game until the Vandals visit Logan on September 20th...but by that time, their probable 0-3 start will have their confidence shaken and a win over the Vandals is as good as a coin flip. I can legitimately see the Aggies going 0-12 this season, and I predict they will. The November 8th visit to the blue turf will be the last time that Brent Guy ever is in close proximity to a winning program.



Jason Haberman said...

We were listening to the call in show from Logan on our drive back from the game down there last year. I feel sorry for their fans. They all just sounded so depressed and pathetic. None of them could even get fired up enough to be angry about what is going on. Bad situation down there.

Drew said...

I'm with you Jason. I kinda feel bad for Utah State...their fanbase and coaches mean well, but are stuck in some doldrums.